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My Best Friend

This blanket used the same type of yarn as the too dainty Krogkbrad rug. Perfect use this time. I wove a single long piece, cut it in half, and stitched the selvages together with clear polyester thread. This blanket is my best friend for sitting on the sofa and reading.  Lots of fun colors, but the ochre/dark mustardy weft yarn mutes the bright greens, rusts, and purples into a homogenous piece. Image

Hello Weaving! I’m back!

I was inspired to weave again at the urging of my husband, Rich, who thought I needed a creative outlet and by my love for Heath Ceramics.

Spark #1. A couple years back, Heath Ceramics started carrying handwoven table linens. As a lover of all things Heath, I ran over to their Sausalito Factory Store to check the table linens out. The linens, while nice, where not what I was expecting. However, I realized that perhaps I needed to start weaving again in order to create my own personalized table linens.

Spark #2. Cooking and mealtime at home is an extremely important part of my day. I shift into a more creative place when I’m cooking and I enjoy making healthy, tasty, and attractive food for people. I love my home and especially my dining table and Heathware dishes. Creating my own table linens allows me to further personalize my dining experience and has added even more fun and excitement to making meals.

Spark #3. My previous career allowed me to create something everyday, something I feel is sorely lacking in my current career. I had been complaining for quite some time about the lack of creativity of my work and my ever-patient husband kept urging me to do something I love to provide that creative outlet and that perhaps taking up weaving again could satisfy that need, while I “work for the man” to make the dollars.